These days it seems everyone is using a tablet. But not any type of tablet -- an iPad please. Yes iPads are everywhere. In fact it appears that Apple is controlling an estimated 75% of this market. Sweet revenge for Apple that always was struggling in the market of personal computers. I am wondering how many of these devices will sell over the Christmas Holiday. Probably millions. What is amazing is that before the iPad no one knew that they needed a tablet. In fact before Apple came up with its iPad the tablet market was stagnant. I remember one of my colleagues showing me his new Windows computer a few years ago. It had a built in tablet or something that looked like it. My colleague was very proud of his acquisition as for me; I was unimpressed to say the least. This tablet or computer that had an interactive screen that could flip over was really cumbersome. A big piece of hardware that was as heavy as a brick. This wasn't elegant and practical at all. No wonder we didn't see many of these contraptions around.

Apple always claimed that they were not interested into this segment of the computer market (that's what they say). But as usual they had their plan and came up with this beautiful piece of hardware that nobody knew they needed. Two years after the iPad had launch, you see them everywhere. I work in education, and in the last two months 5 of my colleagues have bought their own tablet and are using it with students. They are sharing on almost every lunch hour what apps they use with students. In talking with my other colleagues, there are many more who actually intend to do the same. The iPad is so popular that it replaced the MacBook. Indeed, the entry level MacBook is gone because it is not needed anymore. It is all part of the Apple strategy to minimize the number of products they are offering so they wouldn't cannibalize their sale. The famous four quadrants of Apple products (you have to read Steve's bio to understand).

Meanwhile the competition is struggling to enter the tablet market. HP after an unsuccessful attempt is already out of it. Samsung is doing okay it seems, but their tablet is a bit small or at least this is what I read about it, but it looks like they will make it thanks to Android and the Google locomotive pushing behind it. As for Blackberry, you have to read my other blogs. The best thing that could happen to Blackberry these days is if some company would do a take over (maybe Microsoft as the rumor goes). But I don't see much future for the RIM tablet as no one is interested to get one as it doesn't have much software to run on it and developer are not rushing to write application even after RIM drop the price. Their new operating system probably won't help, as it will not bring more applications.

For consumers, price is not really a matter as long as they have something they can use on their tablet. It is like going to a restaurant where they would serve only one type of food. You won't attract a lot of customers, but offer them a smorgasbord and they will come back even if it is more expensive. Apple understands that and this is what makes it a great company.

So if you are in the market for a tablet, yes you could save yourself a bit of money and get a Samsung or really spoil yourself and get an iPad. I am sure you won't regret it.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year

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